Vicomsoft To Release SpamBolt At The End Of May

Vicomsoft has announced the upcoming release of SpamBolt for Mac users. SpamBolt is a utility designed to prevent unwanted and unsolicited emails from clogging up servers and inboxes. The app features server side email blocking and support for OS X. According to Vicomsoft:

Vicomsoft, leading provider of Internet sharing and e-security solutions, today announced that the countdown to the end of Spam has begun.

With the release of SpamBolt, a brand new and inventive server-based Anti-Spam solution at the end of May 2003, Spammers can see the end in sight, with SpamBolt promising to bolt the door on Spam forever!

Once installed on a network, SpamBolt will instantly begin to protect mail servers from Spam attacks, while providing the system administrator with a powerful set of mail rules that ensure Spam is blocked forever, while important and genuine emails are led safely to their final destination.

At last, companies and institutions everywhere can bolt the door on Spam and start to communicate effectively again with like-minded users around the Worldwide Web.

SpamBolt locks away junkmail, keeping your inbox and your bandwidth free, while protecting users from the seedy, offensive and the downright disgusting elements that lurk within unsolicited emails.

You can find more information about SpamBolt at the SpamBolt home page. SpamBolt will be available at the end of May.