Video Compression System Updated For QuickTime

Sorenson has updated their video compression technology, Sorenson Video 3, for QuickTime. Sorensonis technology is used for compressing streaming content in a manner that is ideal for delivery over modem and lower bandwidth connections. According to Sorenson:

Sorenson Media, Inc., the leader in video compression and high-quality Web streaming services, announced today the availability of Sorenson Video 3 exclusively for QuickTime. Sorenson Video is the industry pacesetter for high-quality video compression at low-bandwidth delivery.

Sorenson Video 3 is available in both Standard and Professional Editions. The Standard Edition is available for QuickTime users on Mac OS X, Mac OS 9 or Windows operating systems. The Standard Edition has the compression controls for data rate, frame rate, and key frame intervals. In addition, there are some advanced features applied to compressions with the default settings.

The Professional Edition is used to compress raw video content to a much lower bit rate and file size while still maintaining high quality, even at very low data rates. The Professional Edition has the fine control necessary to handle all types of video, from interviews to sports footage.

Sorenson Video 3 Professional Edition includes support for two-pass VBR compression, support for a binary alpha channel, automatic scene change detection, compression time packetization for error resiliency to packet loss, and chroma-key segmentation compression. Sorenson Video 3 also has enhanced watermarking and the media key feature has been enhanced to use secure encryption.

Sorenson Video 3 is available as part of Appleis QuickTime 5.0.2. You can find more information about QuickTime at the Apple Web site, and Sorenson Video 3 at the Sorenson Web site.