Video Sequencer Released At Macworld

U & I Software has released a new video app today at Macworld. VTrack is a video sequencer designed for mixing QuickTime movies, DV streams, and still images. VTrack ships with the integrated rendering engine ArtMatic, and allows the creation of original effects. According U & I Software:

U & I Software announced today that it has release VTrack, a revolutionary video sequencer with integrated ArtMatic rendering.

VTRACK is an innovative eight-track video montage and special effects tool that can mix QuickTime movies, DV streams, still images, and ArtMatic structures. For video artists and musicians, it is a complete solution for the creation of art and music video. It is also a powerful tool for video post-production professional. When combined with ArtMatic Pro, an endless variety of special effects, filters and transitions can be created, by taking advantage of the integrated ArtMatic rendering engine that allows VTrack to process its tracks with ArtMatic events thus freeing demanding video artists and post-production professionals from reliance on expensive plug-ins. The imagination is the only limit to the effects and filters that can be implemented with the VTrack/ArtMatic Pro combination.

You can find more information about VTrack at the U & I Software Web site. VTrack is available for US$249.00.