ViewSonic Announces Ultra-Fast Response Time Xtreme LCDs, Rival CRT

ViewSonic announced its new Xtreme LCD displays Wednesday, which feature an ultra-fast 4ms average video response time across the entire color scale, making them ideal for gaming and viewing video or TV.

Typical ifast-responsei displays on the market today have an average gray-to-gray response time of 30 to 35ms, ViewSonic said, making its Xtreme LCD lineup up to 8 times faster.

"These Xtreme displays mark a major milestone in LCD technology," said Erik Willey, senior product manager, ViewSonic. "The 4ms response time across all color scales has allowed us to create the ultimate gaming monitors with motion video performance rivaling the best CRTs."

The Xtreme LCD 19-inch VX924 and 17-inch VX724 are the first desktop displays to combine ViewSonicis proprietary Dynamic Structure and Amplified Impulse video response acceleration technologies to support rates of up to 250 frames per second across the entire color scale.

The VX924 will ship in May 2005, while the VX724 will go on sale in June 2005. Pricing has yet to be announced. ViewSonic currently offers three other LCD displays with an 8ms average video response time.

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