Viewsonic Buys Into Microsoft's Smart Display

C|Net News reports that ViewSonic, makers of monitors for both PCs and Macs, will offer displays that use Microsoftis Smart Display technology. Smart Display uses a modified version of Windows CE to allow a monitor to become an intelligent remote terminal. As envisioned, they are intended for consumers to use around the home. From the C|Net article, ViewSonic picks Microsoft Smart Displays :

The Walnut (ViewSonic), Calif.-based monitor makeris new devices will use Microsoftis Windows CE for Smart Displays software, technology previously code-named Mira. So-called smart displays are portable monitors that can communicate wirelessly with a PC. With a stylus, a person can surf the Web or respond to e-mail using the monitoris touch screen.

ViewSonicis Airpanel V110 measures 10.4 inches and will sell for US$999, while the companyis Airpanel V150 measures 15 inches and will sell for US$1,299. Both portable monitors will include integrated 802.11b support, a USB wireless adapter and an upgrade to the Windows XP Professional operating system.

The article says that other PC peripheral makers intend to offer similar products.