Virtual Programming Updates Virtual Grand Prix 2 With Fixes

Virtual Programming Ltd. has released an update for Virtual Grand Prix 2, bringing it to version 1.06. Virtual Grand Prix is a 3D racing game set in the high speed world of the Indy car circuit. The update features graphics fixes and improved force feedback. According to Virtual Programming:

Virtual Grand Prix 2 1.06 released.

VGP2 is the an advanced open-wheeled racecar simulation, developed by Paolo Cattani and his staff at AlasSoft using industrial automotive standards for the simulation of the dynamic components (whose parameters were tuned using real telemetry data) and tested by real one-seater drivers.


  • This 1.06 version fixes a problem that may happen with some graphics card/drivers that prevents the sky from being displayed correctly. Unfortunately, the new sky-drawing method may be slower on older graphics cards, thus reducing the framerate (especially on old iMacs)
  • Because of the latency of many force feedback devices a tradeoff must be found between realism vs stability. This 1.06 version has a slightly improved filter that should reduce "resonance" and oscillations on the steering wheel. However, they will not be completely eliminated, because filtering these frequencies more will result in poorer realism in the simulation of forces applied to the steering wheel

You can find more information about the Virtual Grand Prix 2 update at the Virtual Programming Ltd. Web site. Virtual Grand Prix 2 is available for UK£16.98.