Virtual WineCellar Updated With Interface Mods

rootsolutions has released an update for Virtual WineCellar, bringing it to version 4.5. Virtual WineCellar is a wine cataloging utility designed for wine collectors. The update features several new enhancements including interface mods and improved security. According to rootsolutions:

rootsolutions announces Virtual WineCellar 4.5.

Virtual WineCellar is an easy-to-use cellaring software for wine collectors. Apart from the standard data entry fields, it features several advanced functions, like user defined fields, a suppliers database with order-to-inventory processing, integration with Vinote (TM) barcoded neck tags, support for digitized bottle labels, and much more.


  • enhanced appearance
  • support for network operation with site license
  • new field for winery/produce
  • enhanced print and export functions
  • improved password security for bottle data file
  • improved protection against file corruption
  • quick display of suppliers with pending orders]
  • selectable inventory processing date
  • support for Vinoté and Avery labels
  • missing value info no longer displays -100%
  • suppliers find screen layout fixed
  • order history listing order fixed
  • incorrect button appearance in standard details screen fixed
  • misc. smaller fixes and enhancements

You can find more information about the Virtual WineCellar update at the rootsolutions Web site. Virtual WineCellar is available for US$20.00.