VirusBarrier For Palm OS Now Available

Intego has announced a version of VirusBarrier for the Palm OS. Version 1.0 will protect Palm devices against the current Palm viruses circulating around. According to Intego:

Intego today announced the release of VirusBarrier 1.0 for the Palm OS. VirusBarrier solves the growing problem of viruses on Palm OS devices, by scanning the PDA and detecting virus infected files, and deleting them, to ensure that they do not propagate. VirusBarrier for Palm OS runs on all Palm OS compatible devices - Palm, Handspring, IBM and others.

With more than 11 million Palm OS PDAs sold around the world, it didnit take long for virus writers to start targeting these devices. As more Palm users connect to the Internet, these viruses spread rapidly. The Palm OS version of the acclaimed VirusBarrier antivirus program will protect Palm PDAs from all known viruses, keeping data safe.

As new viruses are found, updates will be made available on Integois Web site.

VirusBarrier is available for US$14.95 and you can find more information about it at Integois site.