VistaPro For OS X In Development has announced development of VistaPro for OS X. VistaPro is a 3D landscape creation app designed to turns 2D topographical data into 3D terrain. The OS X version is slated to include development demos and session packs. According to is proud to announce that development has begun on an OS X version of itsi popular 3D software, VistaPro Renderer!

In partnership with Ed Zavada, creator of Galactica Anno Dominari, the team is extremely excited to be bringing this top notch 3D creation and animation software to Applesi OS X platform!

VistaPro Render is a premiere 3D landscape rendering software which can animate realistic or alien landscapes in seconds! The creation of computer generated, three dimensional landscapes has never been faster, easier, or more true to life. You have full control over the colors used for all landscape features, making the landscapes impressively real and easy animation allows you to experience your worlds in flight.

Some VistaPro Renderer features coming to OS X:

  • New High Rez VPR DEM Packs
  • Thousands of VPR DEM World Maps
  • Easy to use HTML eHelp Information
  • Direct Link to Online Tutorials
  • Collection Packs of VPR Sessions
  • FREE Access to VistaOnline
  • Conversion Tools and Demos
  • And Much More!

You can find more information about VistaPro for OS X at the Web site. VistaPro is currently available for US$45.00.