Vista Found to be Worthy But Largely Unexciting

The Wall Street Journalis Walt Mossberg declared that Vista is a worthy but largely unexciting product on Friday. This was the overall finding after his months of testing Vista. However, he declared it the best version of Windows ever.

The review noted that Vista is much prettier than previous versions of Windows, but also noted that "Nearly all of the major, visible new features in Vista are already available in Appleis operating system, called Mac OS X..."

Several key elements of Vista were examined: Features and differentiation from Windows XP, hardware requirements, system responsiveness, the various versions available, security, the user interface, searching, and built-in programs.

The analysis, by the respected technology writer, was based on extensive testing. The bottom line was that Vista, while a solid upgrade to XP, has onerous hardware requirements and doesnit break any new ground. Regarding enhanced security, the conclusion was, "But this is hard to prove, especially at the beginning of its life, when few hackers and malefactors have access to it."

In closing, Mr. Mossberg offered this advice. "Gradually, all Windows computers will be Vista computers, and thatis a good thing, if only for security reasons. But you may want to keep your older Windows XP box around awhile longer, until you can afford new hardware that can handle Vista."