Voice Of The GoatCactus Now Shipping Via Algo-rythyms

GoatCactus Software has released a new app for Mac users, Voice of the GoatCactus 1.0. Voice of the GoatCactus is a utility designed for creating customized organic music tracks via algorithmic equations. According to GoatCactus Software:

GoatCactus Software today announced the release of Voice of the GoatCactus 1.0, the initial version of its algorithmic music composition tool for Macintosh users. Voice of the GoatCactus taps into the self-organizing powers of the integers to enable users to produce an infinite variety of original music.

Just press a button, and Voice of the GoatCactus creates musicians, gives them instruments, combines them with a conductor to form a band and starts them playing. The accent here is on effortless fun.

Voice of the GoatCactus includes the Crystalline Eye of the GoatCactus, which presents the user with a multi-colored visual representation of the music as it plays.

Some features of Voice of the GoatCactus include:

  • bands are created within studios, each with its own user-settable musical style
  • each studio can contain an unlimited number of bands
  • each band can produce an infinite amount of music
  • entire studios and individual bands can be saved to disk
  • band music can be exported in MIDI format
  • all music is royalty-free
  • 1 to 15 musicians per band
  • 179 instruments
  • 348 key signatures
  • 28 time signatures

You can find more information about the Voice of the GoatCactus at the GoatCactus Software Web site. Voice of the GoatCactus 1.0 is available for US$30.00.