WSJ: Tips for Switching from Windows to Mac

Walt Mossberg at the Wall Street Journal has posted some tips for users on Thursday whoive already decided to make the switch from Windows to Mac.

Mr. Mossberg noted that the sales of Macs are growing much faster than PC sales overall. As a result, he gets a lot of e-mail with questions about the differences between the Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

He added that the article isnit an argument for making the switch -- although the tacit suggestion is always there since Mr. Mossberg has praised the Mac at length in the past.

Accordingly, he digs into the details of Menu Bars, Task Bar, Start menu, Control Panels and how to quit programs. That one is tricky for former Windows users. Closing a Windows window with the red "X" quits the application. In contrast, clicking what seems to be the Mac analog, the red button at the top of a window, merely closes the window and doesnit quit the application.

Mr. Mossberg also took care to correct the myth that the Mac has no mouse right click function. That can be done in several ways, and all Macs that come with a mouse have one that has right click capability. One just has to enable that and other methods in the System Preferences.

Finally Mr. Mossberg pointed to some handy references: Mac 101 and Switch 101. These pointers and the references are valuable tools for any newbie whois made the switch or a Mac expert assisting someone else with the switch.