Walt Mossberg Tells PC Users How To 'Switch'

Last week Bryan Chaffin pointed you to a Wall Street Journal article by Walt Mossberg titled "Apple Beckons Window Users, But Doesnit Make Sense for All," which explored whether making the switch from a PC to a Mac is right for you. This week Mr. Mossberg continues his coverage of the PC to Mac movement with a new article titled "Transferring Windows Stuff When You Switch to a Mac." In this article Mr. Mossberg lays out, in very un-techie terms, the steps and pitfalls awaiting those thinking about making the jump to a Mac. From the article:

THERE ARE TWO key questions about Apple Computeris new effort to get Windows users to switch to the Macintosh: Should you do it, and if so, just how do you do it? Last week, I answered the first question, comparing Windows and the Mac and discussing which groups of people would -- and wouldnit -- benefit from switching (see article). This week, Iill tackle the second question: If you decide to switch, exactly how do you transfer your entire digital life from Windows?

Moving your stuff to a Mac from Windows does take time and money, beyond the time and money expended to buy the Mac itself. But then, the same could be said about upgrading to a new Windows PC. Itis a little more difficult to cross platforms, but not much more.

Mr. Mossberg goes on to detail what you will need and things to look out for and concludes:

Transitioning to the Mac is easier than it seems, and doesnit take much technical skill. Everyone isnit a good candidate for the Mac, but for those who are, making the switch is entirely doable.

Even if you arenit transitioning from PC to Mac and are just new to the Mac there is information in the article youill find useful, so stop by for a read.