Wanna See The iMac Designs "Rejected" By Apple?

TMO Forum member iShadow tipped us off to a delightful bit of parody at The Daily Probe. The site, whose tag line is "Because real news sucks," has published a series of images it says are iMac designs that were rejected by the folks in charge at Apple. The images are very funny, and we encourage you to go and take a look. From the site:

CUPERTINO, CA (DPI) - Apple Computeris new iMac made a big splash in the computer community a couple of weeks ago, with its sleek, compact design getting rave reviews from the Mac crowd and snickers and giggles from others. As distinct as the new design may be, it wasnit the only attempt by Appleis engineers and designers. Daily Probe investigators have discovered some top-secret photographs of various designs rejected by Apple Computer as they narrowed down their vision. Here are a handful of the most interesting concepts.

You can see the images at the Daily Probeis article.