Want Internet Stuff On The Desktop? Enter NetSource

NextForce Software has announced NetSource, a new Internet application. A cross between a Web browser and an Internet director, it is a tool that brings the resources of the Internet to your Mac. According to NextForce:

It is a powerful, feature-filled, and customizable application. NetSource was designed for those who want a central location to find the best of the Internet without jumping from site to site, or using dozens of other apps to get what they need. NetSource utilizes innovative summarizing technology that allows the user to trim out the unnecessary content, and display the essential information.

NetSource organizes information into five clusters: current events and news, media, language utilities, personal interest, and miscellaneous tools.

Key Features

  • One part web brower, one part internet guide.
  • Huge list of uses and features (just see the specific built-in elements above!)
  • Saves time by allowing quicker access to sites and displaying of the best internet material.
  • Summarizers allow you to "summarize" web sites you like for faster reading, download and rendering times, and more control over their appearance.
  • Auto-Update features to keep you up to date.
  • Easy to use Toolbar, and color-coordinated interface.

NetSource is available for US$19.95. You can find more information at the NextForce Software web site.