Warrior Kings Coming Soon With Mac-Specific Features

Feral Interactive has announced some Mac specific features in its upcoming release of Warrior Kings. Warrior Kings is a real-time strategy game that combines combat and resource management. The game was released for the PC in April of 2002, and Feral Interactive is bringing it to the Mac. According to the company, the development process is "nearing the end," and the company is touting its Mac optimizations, including support for GameRanger, FSAA (full-screen-anti-aliasing), support for wide screens, and more. From Feral Interactive:

Warrior Kings, Feralis upcoming Real Time Strategy game is nearing the end of the development process and itis about time we talk about the Mac specific optimizations that we did to the game :

  • FSAA: For the good heal of your perfect Mac gamers eyes, the game supports Full Screen Anti Aliasing. Smooth and nice graphics will make you want to plunge into action.
  • Game Ranger: What would a good multiplayer game be with no Game Ranger? On top of the regular TCPI/IP and local game Warrior Kings will integrate a Game Ranger option right in the gameis interface.
  • WideScreen Support: Play on any large screen full screen by choosing your resolution in the game interface.
  • Software Update: Just as you Mac OS X does, Warrior Kings can check for new updates of the game. Never-ever look for a patch again.
  • Bradis Destktops: As a little extra, we decided to include 4 exclusive desktops from the very well known Brad Custer so even when you have to work you can still have a slight immersion into Warrior Kingis world.
  • The astonishing development team at Zonic have ported the Mac version of Warrior Kings from version 1.4 of the code that was never released on the PC. Smooth, fast, and furious… thatis how Warrior Kings is on YOUR Mac.

Warrior Kings is a massive medieval-fantasy real time 3D strategy game. Seize the destiny of the young king Artos and immerse yourself into an epic adventure composed of 22 different missions with 3 different paths. Warrior Kings truly makes it above and beyond competition by giving the word RTS a brand new meaning.

Rather than offering the, now traditional, feature of more than one icivilisationi to choose from at the start of the game, Warrior Kings allows the player to evolve into one of 3 different paths. Whether you want to be on the good, bad or neutral side, Warrior Kings features very well balanced gameplay between different type of units.

Build massively-devastating armies composed of hundreds of units chosen between over 60 different type of units. Your soldiers will be moving using real military formation and taking advantage of the real 3D environment with terrain that matters.

Heavy Mac integration and optimization with a game based on the latest unreleased code of the original game. Multiplier (up to 8 players) matches can be played with Game Ranger which is directly integrated in the game interface. As your system does, Warrior Kings can automatically check for updates so you always play the latest version.

You can find more information on Warrior Kings at Feral Interactiveis Web site, including some great screen shots. The companyis Web site does not list a shipping date, but does say that the game will ship in Q2, which ends at the end of June. Pricing has not yet been announced.