Wash Post: With Intel Switch, "the Best Windows PC May Come From Apple"

If Apple Computer can successfully make it happen, the switch next year to the Intel processor could make the Mac "the most compatible computer around" as well as "the most elegant and stylish", Washington Post technology columnist Rob Pegoraro wrote in his Sunday column.

Calling the planned shift to Intel "an enormous iifi," Mr. Pegoraro wrote "the best Windows PC may come from Apple."

Saying Apple "had little choice" but to make the switch, he wrote the announcement was equal to "the Air Force buying Russian MiGs, or Ford bolting a Chevy engine into its next pickup."

Mr. Pegoraro wrote if Apple does the switch right, "Apple and its customers will find themselves with unmatched computing flexibility."

The columnist believes deciding what Mac, if any, to buy in the meantime "will be tricky" and that he expects to see hackers "figure out ways to install it on generic Intel PCs" soon.