Washington Apple Pie Group Gives The Low Down On Latest From Apple

The next meeting of The Washington Apple Pi (WAP) user group will feature Apple representatives giving all the juicy details on the latest offerings from the recent MACWORLD Expo. Not only will users get details on the new G4 PowerBook, but they will also be offered an inside look at OS X. According to The Washington Apple Pi group:

Apple Computer comes to Washington, DCwith a MacWorld - San Francisco report this Saturday, January 27th. TheWashington Apple Pi (WAP) Computer User Group Meeting begins at 9am at theAnnandale Campus of Northern Virginia Community College (8333 Little RiverTurnpike, Annandale, Virginia)

"This general meeting of Washington Apple Pi is open to anyone interested inlearning more about the latest and greatest from Apple, " says WAP PresidentLorin Evans. He was in San Francisco earlier this month, along withthousands of other Apple enthusiasts to hear about OS X, the new G4Powerbook and G4 desktop units. "This was one of the best Macworlds Iiveseen, " says Evans. "I hope every Macintosh enthusiast will come and learnmore about where Apple Computer is headed in the future. "

You can find more information at the Washington Apple Pi Web site.