Washington Post Calls iPod Shuffle "Surprising New Mini-Player"

Appleis triumphant tour through the mainstream press continues today with a review of the iPod shuffle by Rob Pegoraro. Mr. Pegoraro called the US$99 flash-based iPod "a surprising new mini-player in the music game."

Mr. Pegoraro said that the price of the unit fills in the price gap in Appleis portable digital media player line up, and actually places Apple as the price leader.

"The iPod Shuffleis prices arenit just cheap," wrote Mr. Pegoraro, "they undercut those of every major competitor. At Amazon.com, opting for a non-Apple player with the same capacity as the $99 Shuffle will cost at least $20 more; at Best Buy, the not-Apple tax runs to $80 -- or $30 more than Appleis one-gig model. And unlike most competitors, the Shuffle isnit sold in a "blister-pack" that will maim you when you try to open it."

The two page article goes into many other aspects of the iPod shuffle, including the now-common litany of how easy it is use, the fact that the lack of an LCD display works, the benefits of the shuffle mode, its use a USB flash drive for transporting files, and more.

This review from the Washington Post joins a chorus of other positive reviews from a variety of mainstream media outlets, further broadening Appleis exposure outside the world of Mac users.

You can find the full review at the Postis Web site.