Washington Post Reviews the iBook G4

The iBook has been getting a lot of press lately, not all of it good. Apple is currently dealing with problems with, "...a small number of iBooks introduced in 2002 [that] have a display problem caused by a component failure on the logic board," as Appleis Marketing head, Phil Schiller put it.

On the bright side, the new G4 iBook seems to be just what the doctor ordered, or at least Washington Post reporter Mark Kellner ordered. Mr. Kellner was so impressed with his new iBook that he had to write about it immediately instead of waiting to test it further. Hereis an excerpt from his article, iBookis qualities impress quickly:

I had promised myself I would not immediately write about Apple Computeris iBook G4, which bowed last fall and sells for as little as US$1,099. I had determined that a week or two must pass before I formed an opinion.

What can I say? Rules were made to be broken.

Thereis much more in the full article at the Washington Post.