Waterfall Software Announces New Online Game Development

Waterfall Software and Diversity Games has announced the development of a new game for Mac users, Diverse Empires. Diverse Emipres is an online multiplayer game set in the world known as Feneril. The game features 2D graphics and open endied gameplay. According to Waterfall Software:

Waterfall Software and Diversity Games today announced the development of Diverse Empires, a brand new massively-multiplayer online role playing game for Mac OS X, Mac OS 9, Linux, and Windows.

Diverse Empires is a brand new graphical 2D game where players can co-interact and explore the magical world of Feneril, the land of Diverse Empires. Within the game players will be able to collect items, fight battles, or just enjoy the scenery. Diverse Empires is based on community building, and anyone can post on the Diverse Empires forums and help out by giving suggestions for the game.

You can find more information about the Diverse Empires release at the Diverse Empires Web site. Diverse Empires is slated for release Christmas of 2004.