Web Charting App Peer Visual Updated And Vvidget Name Change

VVI has released an update for Peer Visual, bringing it to version 2.2. Peer Visual is a charting app designed for Web development. The update now includes 3D extrusion and other enhancements. VVI also announced the product name change of OpenGraph and GraphBuilder to Vvidget. According to VVI:

VVI today announced availability of Peer Visual version 2.2 which adds 3D extrusion and other improvements.

Peer Visual makes dynamic reports, charts, diagrams and other visuals for print and web distribution. Version 2.1 of Peer Visual adds PDF as an output type as well as improvements in speed and other features. Peer Visual reports are constructed with an interactive report building application and can be extensively customized using OpenGraph, a comprehensive programming framework for making paginated reports, charts, diagrams, maps and other visuals.

VVI today introduced the Vvidget product name to replace the OpenGraph and GraphBuilder product names.

You can find more information about the Peer Visual update at the VVI Web site. Peer Visual 2.2 pricing is available from the VVI sales team.