Web Server And eCommerce Suite Updated

MDG Computer Services has announced that it shipped version 3.5 of Web Server 4D and WS4D/eCommerce. The application includes a full featured Web server, shopping carts, storefronts, credit authorization, virtual domains, and database publishing. According to MDG:

Whatis New With Version 3.5?

Web Server 4D 3.5 adds HTTP File Upload features to WS4D. This feature allows you to upload files of any size to a predefined folder. The Web serving engine has been improved with Web Server 4D 3.5. WS4D has been internally benchmarked handling 2000 connections a minute.

Web Server 4D adds additional security features that can prevent hackers from accessing your databases. If a hacker tries to access a database, an email will be sent notifying you and after ten attempts, that user will automatically be added to the deny list and they will be prevented from accessing your site. Preferences allow you to set the databases and other features.

Web Server 4Dis database publishing abilities now include the option to showing database results in a grid format. Many previous customers have been asking for this feature and with the way it is implemented, existing HTML can take advantage of this feature with just a few changes to your HTML.

Whatis New With WS4D/eCommerce

WS4D/eCommerce 3.5 adds support for new credit payment gateways, which include Verisign Pay Flow Link (http), LinkPoint (http) and PayPal. Support for AuthorizeNet is still included. Additional credit card gateways gives customers the most flexibility in choosing how to accept credit cards. For those StoreFronts with minimal order processing, WS4D can be configured to just collect the credit card info and not process it.

Version 3.5 now allows customers to create their account at the beginning of the shopping process, change their shipping/billing information and even check their order history. A new feature allows storefront administrators to enter ship dates and tracking numbers which can be emailed to customers or viewed when they view their order history.

Version 3.5 also adds the ability for customers to be setup on Terms. This allows orders to be accepted without having to enter a credit card. Each customer must be setup for terms before terms can be accepted.

Version 3.5 adds Price Breaks which allows you to sell items at different prices, based on the quantity that is ordered. Besides Price Breaks, each item can now have a low stock quantity and when your stock drops to this level, an email will automatically be sent. Complete control over the email is allowed.

Announcing WS4D/Banners

WS4D/Banners is a new module for WS4D that tracks impressions and clickthrus with incredible ease. By inserting a single tag called <WS4D_BANNER> on your pages, WS4D will automatically insert the correct banner, track the impression and if a user clicks on the banner, track the clickthru as well. The ability to show banners based on Domain, Campaign or even search words entered is provided. WS4D/Banners is configurable from the console or from any browser.

The 3.5 upgrade is free for users who bought Web Server 4D after January 1, 2001. Pricing depends upon configuration. You can find more information about it at MDGis site.