Web Server Suite Receives Update

4D Inc. has updted their suite of server applications, 4D, to version 6.7. The new version of 4D allows faster web development and improves repair capabilities. According to 4D Inc.

4D, Inc., publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment and WebSTAR Server Suite 4.3, announced today the release of the much anticipated 4D version 6.7. The next generation of 4th Dimension has made standard development easier, web development faster, and database repair capabilities have been improved significantly.

Among the list of key features enhancements 4D v6.7 now; supports components and HTML tags, allows direct transport between platforms, and has made vast improvements to 4D Tools making 4D a more practical solution for the larger databases. One of the greatest benefits to 4D v6.7 is the time factor. The feature enhancements are designed to reduce development time and maximize the code that developers do generate. 4D also has a few new algorithms and minor feature enhancements that result in general speed improvements within the database.

Key Feature Enhancement List:

Standard Development Features

  • Components: developeris secure and group blocks of code which can then be included within other databases to perform a specific functions.
  • Form Inheritance: allows developers to create a consistent basic look and functionality for forms on one form that is then inherited into other forms. These forms can then be updated dynamically from the inherited form.
  • Direct Transport: database files can be ported between Windows and the Mac OS platform without 4D Transporter

Web Development Features

  • New Tags have been added. The new tags encourage the separation of the application layer from the presentation layer, allowing developers and web designers to work in parallel on the same projects.
  • SSL: new built in SSL capabilities allow 4D Web Server to work as a secure server.
  • New Technology Integration: 4D v6.7 has added WML, WAP, XML, JAVA, and CGI compatibility.

Major Improvements to 4D Tools

  • Damaged databases can now be up and running faster thanks to the new options that have been added in version 6.7. Selective repairs to the database are now possible. 4D Tools also works with 4D to better identify and repair problems. Damaged records flagged by 4D through a isnifferi can be repaired using 4D Tools or 4D Tools itself can identify and repair damaged records.

Pricing for 4D starts at US$349. You can find more information at the 4D Inc. web site.