Web Site Offers "Microsloth Monopoly XP" T-Shirt

We received a note from Robert Jung of Electric Escape announcing a new shirt for sale. Electric Escape sells Mac shirts, gaming shirts, robot shirts (seriously), and some other shirts, and the site has added a "Microsloth Monopoly XP" t-shirt. From Electric Escapeis Web site:

Hereis the hottest new product from those self-proclaimed geniuses in Redmond -- Microsloth Monopoly XP! This is the software product people have been waiting for, because they finally got rid of all of the bugs in it (we hope). While other Microsloth products are notoriously unreliable and prone to random failures, Monopoly XP has been proven effective at squashing competitors, intimidating allies, and driving off the Department of Justice. Best of all, it doesnit matter whether or not you need Monopoly XP; theyill will make sure you use it anyway!

You can find this shirt, and the others, at the Electric Escape Web site.