Web Statistics Firm Says Apple's Safari Has 0.11% Of Global Browser Market

A new(ish) Web statistics firm called OneStat.com has released figures showing that Appleis new Safari browser has reached 0.11% of the global browser market since its release at MWSF 2003. As those figures include world-wide browser usage on all platforms, 0.11% of the total market in approximately four weeks of availability limited to a platform with 5 million total users (Steve Jobs said during MWSF 2003 that Mac OS X has 5 million users) is fairly significant.

By way of comparison, OneStat.com says that the latest version of Opera has reached by 0.03% market share. Opera recently made public comments suggesting that the Mac version of its alternative commercial browser was in danger because of Appleis free Safari. Counting all versions of Opera, the browser has 6.07% market share.

Not too surprisingly, Microsoftis Internet Explorer is shown to still be firmly in control of the worldis Internet usage. IEis combined market share sits at 95.2%. The firmis press release:

OneStat.com, the number one provider of real-time web site analytics, today reported that Appleis Safari browser has shown a fast adoptation rate with a global usage share of 0.11 percent in the first weeks of its public launch. Opera 7 is not so successful as Appleis Safari. Opera 7 has a global usage share of 0.03 percent in the first weeks of its public launch.

Microsoft still dominates the browser market. As of February 03, 2003, all versions of Microsoft accounted for 95,2 percent of the global usage share market. The total global usage share of Netscape is 2.9 percent and the global usage share of Netscape 7 is 0.64 percent.

The most popular browsers on the web are:

1. Microsoft IE 6.0 60.2%
2. Microsoft IE 5.5 16.8%
3. Microsoft IE 5.0 16.4%
4. Mozilla 1 1.2%
5. Netscape Navigator 4.0 1.0%
6. Microsoft IE 4.0 0.9%
7. Opera 6.0 0.7%

Companies with the largest total global usage shares on the web are:

1. Microsoft IE 95.2%
2. Netscape Navigator 2.9%
3. Mozilla 1.2%

You can get more information about OneStat.com at the companyis Web site.