Webcam App For OS X Released From Econ Tech

Econ Technologies is now shipping ImageCaster for OS X. ImageCaster is a Webcam utility designed for combining Webcam devices and drivers for image delivery on the Web. The app ships with a simplified tab based interface, and also features multiple Webcam support. According to Econ Technologies:

Econ Technologies ships ImageCaster™, a straightforward and easy to use Webcam application built exclusively for Mac OS X.

ImageCaster is designed around a simple tabbed interface with a full set of features. Econ makes it easy for anyone to broadcast images with a Mac, a video camera, and ImageCaster.

ImageCaster combines numerous features into a simple to use interface. Select an image from virtually any source - Mac OS X camera drivers are automatically recognized so all available cameras automatically appear for selection. Format the image for upload, schedule it, and choose the destination. ImageCaster stores Webcam settings in documents so you can set up an unlimited number of Webcams and upload destinations. Multiple video images can be broadcast simultaneously, opening the door to applications such as security and surveillance.

You can find more information about the ImageCaster release at the Econ Technologies Web site. ImageCaster is available for US$20.00.