Webmasters: WebSTAR 4.3 Awaits You

4D Inc. has announced the release of WebSTAR Server Suite 4.3. The new version has improved functionality and stability, while including numerous enhancements to the core set of features. According to 4D:

The integrated Web, mail, FTP, and proxy sever design were all carefully studied and retooled for this release to offer customers the most solid release ever.

Key 4.3 Features

  • WebSTAR Mail improved performance and flexible trapping for relayed spam.
  • WebSTAR Admin Application supports Mac OS 9 Keychain
  • Automatic user notification when changes require server restart.
  • Reengineered HTTP 1.1 byte-range
  • Search supports web-crawling, indexing, summarizing
  • Search Western European, Korean, ad Japanese languages and character sets.

WebSTAR Server Suite 4.3 is available for US$599 as a download version only. The upgrade is free for 4.x users, and you can find more information at the 4D Inc. web site.