Western Digital Targets "My Passport" Portable Drives at Mac Users

Western Digital announced Wednesday a new line of hard drives called My Passport. The portable hard drive product line is being specifically marketed towards Mac users, and comes pre-formatted out of the box in Mac OS Xis HFS+, and is compatible with Leopardis Time Machine backup technology. The hard drive sports USB 2.0 and FireWire 400 interfaces, and weighs a mere five ounces.

Despite the light weight, the drives are available in either 320 GB or 250 GB capacities, and come with a drawstring carrying bag. The line also features a "capacity gauge" that will show users how much room is left on their drives at a glance. The company said the enclosure is shock resistant to protect it from bumps and jars.

The 320 GB drive is priced at US$219.99, while the 250 GB device is priced at $159.99. A 160 GB model is also currently on the Web site at $129.99, though it was not mentioned in the company announcement. You can find more information at Western Digitalis Web site.

Western Digitalis My Passport portable hard drive.