What Computer Is Good Enough To Tackle Cloning?

Observer Carroll Wills noticed a big 22" Cinema Display in the forefront of a Reuters photo. The photo accompanied a story about the recent developments in the science of cloning. Researchers at Duke University have announced findings they say shows that cloning humans will be easier than cloning sheep due to a fundamental difference in our genetic makeup. It seems that humans donit have a specific gene that can cause abnormal growth in the cloned. Whatever the case, if this picture is any indication, some of the science of cloning is taking place on Macs. Carrollis letter:

This link is to an AP photo on Yahoo showing the two researchers at Duke University Medical Center in North Carolina who have reported a breakthrough in genetics that causes them to believe that humans are easier to clone than sheep. Whatever one may think of the ethics of human cloning, it is clearly an extremely complicated scientific discipline. So itis no surprise to see whose monitor is blazing in all of its clear plastic glory in the bottom left of the photo.

Carroll Wills

It looks like Mac OS X with the Dock on the side, but the resolution of the image isnit high enough to be sure. Itis a Classic Mac app running, and itis a Cinema Display, so we wonit complain. You can see the original article at Yahoo!.

Thanks to Observer Carroll for the note! If you have a Mac sighting, let us know.