When The Moon Hits Your Eye Like A Big Pizza Pie...

Selznick Scientific Software has released a new version of their neat little menubar application, MoonMenu. MoonMenu places a little Moon in your menu bar that changes size and color based on the current phase of the real Moon. The latest version adds a host of new features. According to Selznick Scientific:

Selznick Scientific Software, LLC is pleased to announce an update for its popular MoonMenu software to version 1.5.

This update brings many new features:

  • The brightness of MoonMenuis moon icon can now be adjusted.
  • MoonMenuis icon is now shaded blue if it represents a "Blue Moon". (See Below)
  • MoonMenuis menu now displays the times of upcoming quarters along with the date.
  • MoonMenuis application now has buttons to advance and regress through whole lunations.
  • MoonMenu now runs much more efficiently on older 68K Macintoshes.
  • MoonMenuis user interface has been completely reworked to make it even easier to use.

(A blue moon is the second full moon for a single month. This is a very rare event. To see a Blue Moon, try setting the applicationis target date to 1/31/99 or 3/31/99. Can you find any others?)

Once again, this update is free for all registered users. We recommend that all users upgrade to this latest version.

MoonMenu is an extension that adds a small moon in the current lunar phase to the right side of your menubar. As one anonymous user said best, "MoonMenu serves as a subtle, unobtrusive reminder that thereis an entire universe out there, even without your web browser."

MoonMenu is available for US$12. You can find more information at the Selznick Scientific Software web site.