Where DID All My Money Go?

Bert Torfs has updated his personal finance management application, WhereDidAllMyMoneyGo?, to version 2.1. The latest version helps users manage their money, including stock portfolios, and includes password protection. According to Mr. Torfs:

Bert Torfs BVBA proudly announces WhereDidAllMyMoneyGo? 2.1. This versionadds password protection, amounts formatted as set in the numbers controlpanel, more delete options and some bug fixes.

WDAMMG is a personal multi-currency income, expense and stock trackerloosely based on double entry accounting principles. It is available for 68kand PowerPC macs. A preview version runs natively on OSX.

WhereDidAllMyMoneyGo? is available for US$25. You can find more information at Mr. Torfsi Web site.