WiebeTech Improves DriveDockTM

WiebeTech has announced improved versions of its FireWire DriveDockTM and the bus-powered Super DriveDockTM. Both are complete FireWire bridge interfaces that attach to any 3.5-inch IDE drives. According to WiebeTech:

  • Both DriveDocks now support ATA-6 drives.
  • The PowerBridgeTM bus powering circuitry of the Super DriveDock has been improved, for better compatibility with Macs and PCs, especially iMacs with 17 inch flat screens.

"The upgraded Super DriveDock is significant because it is capable of powering full size 3.5-inch drives directly from the FireWire bus," said James Wiebe, CEO of WiebeTech. "It accomplishes this feat using our PowerBridgeTM technology, which is now in its second technology generation."

You can find more information about the improved DriveDockTM and the Super DriveDockTM at the WiebeTech Web site. Upgrades are available for prior purchases. The FireWire DriveDock upgrade is available for $69.95. The upgrade for the Super DriveDock is $79.95 and includes the improved PowerBridge circuitry.