WiebeTech Introduces New SilverSATA Enclosures

WiebeTech announced the immediate availability of two new SilverSATA drive enclosures on Wednesday. The SilverSATA IV FH is a four-bay removable drive enclosure with dual independent hardware RAIDS with two pairs of FireWire 800 ports, and supports up to 3TB of storage. Each drive set supports JBOD and hardware RAID 0.

The SilverSATA IV

The SilverSATA V UR includes five removable drive bays and a SCSI Ultra320 connection for up to 3.75TB of storage, and supports RAID 0, 1+0, 3, 5, and 6 through a hardware controller.

The SilverSATA V

The SilverSATA IV FH is priced starting at SU$549.95 without drives, and the SilverSATA V UR starts at $2,199.95 without drives.

WiebeTech also introduced the TeraCard 4-port eSATA PCI-X host adapter. The card includes four independent Serial ATA channels, and includes port multiplier support. It costs $159.95.