Will Smith Calls iPod "Gadget Of The Century"

Appleis seemingly ubiquitous iPod gets the nod from nearly every corner of society; from scientists who use the iPodis large drive as portable, yet stylish, storage, to on-the-go execs who use the iPodis extra functions to keep track of names, numbers, and appointments, to rock and sports stars who want to appear hip, to a couple of million people who just want the ease of use the iPod offers.

Oh, and some people play music on the iPod too.

iPod fans range from the kid next door, to Oprah Winfrey, and now, one half of the Men In Black duo. Will Smith, thinks the iPod is the "gadget of the century." In an interview with Wired Newsi Jennifer Hillner, Will Smith says he uses the iPod to store is music. Hereis a bit of the interview titled, I, Robocop:

Whatis your technological soft spot?
The iPod is the gadget of the century. I have every model. My CD collection from my entire life is on them. I probably have 52,000 songs.

The interesting interview is fun read, so stop by Wired News for the full article.