Reporting OS X Build 4K78 Is OS X 10.0

Wincent Colaiuta of is reporting that the earlier rumors regarding Mac OS X build 4K78 being Mac OS X 10.0 are indeed true. Wincent reports receiving OS X 10.0 CDis from two separate sources, and that each CD appears to be identical to OS X build 4K78, which hit the Web early last week. While Wincent admits that he hopes his information is incorrect, as do we, the evidence seems to indicate that 4K78 is OS X 10.0. According to

This hurts me badly to say it, but everything we now know suggests that OS X Final is nothing more than Cheetah 4K78. These discs comes from a shrink-wrapped retail box, with a developer tools CD, and an OS 9.1 CD. We have the first two discs, but not the latter. We have two copies from two independent sources, and the copies from each are identical. Either this is the biggestdisappointment of 2001, or the greatest Apple-led hoax ever. OS X 10.0 is Cheetah 4K78 down to the last byte. Absolutely every byte on the disc is identical to the 4K78 disc we reviewed a weekor two ago. There are no new apps, no new features, no hidden surprises. The "About this Mac" window reports it as Mac OS X 10.0, build 4K78.

While some may indeed find this disappointing, reports on 4K78 have been very positive with few problems being reported and overall speed and stability ranking very high. You can find more information on the latest OS X news at the Web site.