Windows .NET Developer Says Leopard Years Ahead

A programmer who said heid written a flaming truckload of C# and .NET code attended an Apple Leopard Tech Talk in New York. He saw some things that were lacking, but also saw things that seemed years ahead of Microsoft offerings. He described his experience at the .NET Addict Blog on Friday.

The author went to great lengths to point out that he was honoring his Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Apple. Given that, we went on to describe his experience at the talk. At one point, when another Apple developer discovered that he was running Vista and took a look at his computer, Vista crashed, dumped core, and rebooted in front of everyone at the breakfast table accompanied by riotous laughter.

The most telling part of the story was the description of Appleis Objective-C, Cocoa, Xcode 3, Core Animation and Quartz Composer tools. His Blog explained: "All of these things combine to make Mac OS X Leopard the most appealing version of OS X for a .NET developer. Mainly because up until Leopard, the main development language (Objective-C) has not been a garbage collected environment. .NET developers (who often tend to be ex-COM programmers) take one look at all the alloc and dealloc and reference counting and retain keywords and their faces blanch with terror and they run away screaming for mommy."

The programmer is going to publish again, in greater detail, when Leopard ships and his NDA expires. In the meantime, heis purchasing a new MacBook Pro.