Wired News: Mac Almost Axed By Jobs

Wired News is continuing its series of articles in tribute to the 20th anniversary of the Mac; this article may be a bit of an eye opener for some. The article, The Macintoshis Twisted Truth? tell how the Mac came into being, and how it almost got axed by none other than our favorite CEO, Steve Jobs. Hereis a bit of the article:

Appleis CEO Steve Jobs and the Macintosh are inextricably linked in the minds of most people. So it may come as a surprise to learn the Mac wasnit his idea at all.

In fact, he actually wanted to kill the project in its infancy. Luckily for Apple, he wasnit successful.

The story of the Mac is a tale of one manis inspiration, another manis ego and the dedication of a small band of "pirates" who forever changed the way the world computes.

The true father of the Macintosh is Jef Raskin, a professor turned computer consultant who was hired by Apple in 1978 to write computer manuals.

Stop by Wired News for the full article; itis an interesting read.