Wired News: The Mac Original Design Team - Where Are They Now?

Two decades worth of Apple innovation and, sometimes, stagnation, is a fertile ground for many news stories, and you can bet that youill read a lot this year as Apple celebrates the Macis twentieth year anniversary.

One story that many will find interesting is about the original Macintosh Design team. Steve Jobs flashed a picture of them during his keynote this yearis Macworld in San Francisco, and Wired News has posted a iWhere are they now?i article detailing what many of original Mac design team is doing nowadays. Hereis an excerpt from the article, Mac Founders Push for New Ideas?:

When the first Mac, all 128K of it, hit store shelves back in 1984, it was something no affordable computer had ever been before: an easy-to-use machine in a simple plastic box, featuring a graphical user interface.

And today the latest Macs being shown at Macworld Expo in San Francisco, such as the super-fast G5, are still considered the elite when it comes to the fusion of design and technical innovation.

But from the perspective of Jef Raskin -- known by many as the "father of the Macintosh" -- the Macis not turning 20 at all this year. Itis older than that.

"To me, itis of course turning 25, because I started it in 1979," says Raskin. "Iim really pleased ... that the product has legs. Thereis not too many products that are still going on the same concept 20 years later."

The article also has quotes from other members of the Macintoshis original design team; Andy Hertzfeld, who was a programmer on the team, and Bill Atkinson, who was involved with creating much of the original look and feel of the original Mac, and many of the early Macis applications, like MacPaint and Hypercard. Stop by Wired News for the full article.