Wireless Newton Is Moblog Central

If you have a Newton Message Pad, and are wondering what you can do with it in todayis high-speed, wireless, mobile world, it could be that you are just not using you imagination to its fullest potential.

Wired News explains that if you happen to be Mr. Mike Manzano, you shove a wireless card in your Newton and maintain a mobile blog (moblog) while you are on various photo-shoots: Mr. Manzano is a photographer by day, programmer by night, and found the Newton to be the perfect medium for maintaining his online diary. From the article:

"Itis been working out great," said Manzano. "The form factor is just right. Itis not too small like a Palm Pilot, and itis not too big like a Microsoft pad computer."


Manzano fitted his MessagePad with a Wi-Fi card that sits in one of the Newtonis two PC Card slots (it uses a driver written by a Newton user in Japan).

Manzano writes in longhand, running his posts through the Newtonis spell-checker. "Itis got really, really great handwriting recognition," Manzano said. "Natural and accurate."

Manzano e-mails his posts to his TypePad account, a hosting service run by Six Apart, publisher of the popular Movable Type blogging tool. The TypePad service does a lot of the magic; itis set up to accept blog entries by e-mail, making it very easy to maintain a blog from just about any e-mail-capable device.

There is more information in the full article at Wired News