Wireless Picture Messaging From Electric Pocket

Electric Pocket Limited has released a new app for handheld users, Pixer. Pixer is an MMS picture messaging app designed for sending pictures and photographs from wireless handheld devices. The app features support for many popular wireless devices including Palm OS and mobile phones. According to Electric Pocket Limited:

The ability to send photographs, sketches and picture greetings to and from mobile devices via email and the multimedia-messaging service (MMS) is widely viewed as a key revenue generator for providers of next generation telephony services.

Electric Pocket Limitedis latest application, Pixer, is the first solution to bring MMS picture messaging to todayis Palm OS(r) and Pocket PC handheld users. Pixer enables users to send annotated picture messages and photographs from wireless handheld devices to any email address or mobile telephone equipped with MMS capabilities.

Pixer enables users to send and receive picture messages and handwritten notes directly from any wireless device using the Palm OS or Pocket PC operating systems. Pixer is specifically designed for making picture messaging easier for users, as they can take advantage of the handheld computersi screen and stylus when composing messages.

You can find more information about the Pixer release at the Electric Pocket Limited Web site. Pixer is available for US$29.95.