Woz Goes D-List

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is always up for a good laugh, so maybe itis only fitting that he was recently spotted on a date with comedian Kathy Griffin. Donit expect, however, to see any little red-headed Woz-lings running around any time soon -- the two were mostly likely on a social outing.

The two apparently met after Woz saw Ms. Griffin perform in July, according to SFGate.com.

Woz is well known for his work during the 1970is that revolutionized personal computing, and later for his philanthropic work away from Apple. He also has a reputation as a practical joker which probably seemed mild to Ms. Griffin after spending time with the likes of Andy Dick.

Ms. Griffin is known for her pop culture-laden stand up comedy routines, and her reality TV show My Life on the D-List. One goal she set for herself on the show was to only date people that would get her picture in the tabloids, which Woz isnit as likely to do unless, maybe, he picked her up on his Segway.