Woz Never Planned on Changing the World

Apple Computer co-founder, Steve Wozniak, never set out to change the world. All he wanted was to be an engineer. Mr. Wozniak shared some of his views on Apple and the computer industry in an interview for The Seattle Times. He says that he reluctantly left Hewlett-Packard and helped start Apple Computer when he realized he could be an engineer for life.

During his time at HP, Mr. Wozniak wasnit allowed to be involved in computer projects the company was working on, and he notes the technology world would probably be a very different place had the company given him incentive to stay. HPis loss turned out to be a gain for the personal computer industry.

Steve Jobs, the other Apple co-founder and current CEO, and Mr. Wozniak are still friends, despite some rumors to the contrary. Mr. Jobs even makes sure that "Woz" has VIP invitations to every special Apple event. He commented "I appreciate that more than I can ever say."