XDarwin Announces Site License

XDarwin has announced a site license of its popular X11 server for OS X. The site license allows a company, government institution or academic institution to install XDarwin on an unlimited number of computers, along with three physical copies of the software and expedited access to updates. From XDarwin:

A site license program has been set up for XDarwin. Pricing is set at $249 for an unlimited company-wide license of the most popular X11 Window server for Mac OS X.

The new pricing also comes with three physical copies of the product as well as expedited access to updates and incremental releases, the first of which is expected to coincide with the next major release of Mac OS X from Apple. Government and academic institutions are eligible for the site license, which includes assistance with automated installation of XDarwin across a network. To learn more or purchase a site license for your office, school, or lab you are encouraged to visit the online store: www.XDarwin.com.

The most popular installation methods are eligible for the site licensing. This includes the direct source-only installation method, the open source Fink package manager, as well as the point-and-click installer available from Appleis web site or directly from XDarwin.org.

The XDarwin site license is available now for US$249. You can find more information at XDarwinis Web site.