XLR8 Cuts Prices On Upgrades

XLR8 has cut prices on some of their most popular processor upgrades, making it easier yet for people to squeeze some life out of an older Mac. The most significant price cut is for the 500 MHz MACh Speed G3Z, which is now available for US$399. According to XLR8:

XLR8 the leading manufacturer of Macintosh upgrade and expansion products today announced lower pricing across its award winning range of G3 and G4 MPe upgrades. The new prices available from today allow users to upgrade their Macintosh today to G3 from $289 (for a 400MHz MACh Speed G3 ZIF) or take the first step on the road to multiprocessing from $399 (for a 400Mhz MACh Speed G4 MPe ZIF). For owners of 7300 ? 9600 class Macs (and Clones) the prices start at $359 (for a 400MHz MACh Carrier G3) and a single processor MACh Carrier G4 MPe now starts at $479 (for the 400MHz).

Investing in a G4 ZIF MPe now guarantees you entry into the multiprocessing arena tomorrow, just add a MACh Velocity Solo at the speed of your choice. Because of the revolutionary design of XLR8?s upgrades you can mix and match products to get the best for your needs.

XLR8 has been able to reduce the pricing on our upgrade cards following the latest volume pricing from our suppliers, largely due to our increasing worldwide market share. It has always been XLR8?s policy to pass these savings on to our customers so that our upgrades are always the best value today and in the future, through our innovative technology.

A sample of new product prices. Product Name/New SRP/Old SRP/Saving:

  • 400 MHz MACh Speed G3Z/$289.00/$299.00/$10.00
  • 450/466 MHz MACh Speed G3Z/$349.00/$399.00/$50.00
  • 500 MHz MACh Speed G3Z/$399.00/$499.00/$100.00

You can find a complete list of products, and price discounts, at the XLR8 Web site.