XLR8 Makes Upgrading Less Expensive, Again

XLR8 has announced across the board price cuts from 3% to 16% off of its processor upgrade products. Pricing for the companyis upgrade cards now starts at US$239. From XLR8:

XLR8, the leading manufacturer of Macintosh multiprocessor upgrades and expansion products reduced pricing on many of itis most popular processor upgrades by up to 16%. The new lower pricing makes it more affordable to purchase the highest quality upgrades available for Apple Power Macintosh systems.

The following tables list products which have new low costs:

G3 Configurations: Current SRPNew SRP% Decrease
400 MHz MACh Speed G3 ZIF$239$2294%
450/466 Mhz MACh Speed G3 ZIF$289$2793%
500 MHz Mach Speed G3 ZIF$379$3498%
400 MHz MACh Carrier G3$299$26910%
450/466 MACh Carier G3$359$3298%
500 MHz MACh Carrier G3$429$3997%
G4 Configurations:
400 MHz G4 ZIF$349$3199%
400 MHz MACh Carrier G4$429$35916%
450/466 MACh Carier G4$479$4496%
MPe Configurations:
Dual Mach Velocity G4 Configurations:
2x400 MHz MACh Velocity G4 Mpe$929$8795%
2x500 MHz MACh Velocity G4 Mpe$1,279$1,1996%
Dual Mach Carrier G4 Configurations:
400 MHz MACh Carrier G4 Mpe$1,029$9795%
450/466 MHz MACh Carrier G4 Mpe$1,129$1,0596%

You can find more information on all of these products at XLR8is Web site.