XML Editor Oxygen Version 3.0 Now Shipping

SyncoRO Soft has released a new version of <oxygen/> XML Editor, bringing it to version 3.0. <oxygen/> XML Editor is an editing utility designed for Web development. The latest release features numerous enhancements including global transformation scenarios and support for WebDAV over HTTPS. According to SyncoRO:

We are glad to announce the release of the <oXygen/> XML Editor, version 3.0.

The 3rd version of <oXygen/> XML editor focuses on making all the functionality much easier to use. This was done by improving existing features and by adding new ones. From the new features the automatically synchronized tree based outliner, the bookmark support and the global transformation scenarios are perhaps the most important ones. Also support for Namespace Routing Language (NRL) schemas should be noted.

New in <oXygen/> XML Editor 3.0:

  • Outliner
  • Bookmark support
  • Global transformation scenarios
  • Import/export scenarios
  • Experimental XInclude support
  • Access to FTP/WebDAV from transformation dialog
  • WebDAV over HTTPS
  • Associate a DTD or a schema with a document
  • Schema conversion support
  • Better validation error reporting
  • Validation support against NRL (Namespace Routing Language) schemas
  • Support for NRL (Namespace Routing Language) schemas
  • Support for any JAXP XSLT processor
  • Japanese version
  • Preserve spaces and strip spaces elements list
  • More format and indent options
  • Pretty print for Relax NG Compact schemas
  • Code completion for RNC editing
  • Code completion for DTD editing
  • Open file at cursor understands external entities
  • and more...

You can find more information about the latest <oxygen/> XML Editor release at the <oxygen/> XML Editor home page. <oxygen/> XML Editor 3.0 is available starting at US$74.00.