Xeric Design Releases EarthDesk 4.0

Xeric Design announced the immediate availability of EarthDesk 4.0 on Monday. The new version was rebuilt from the ground up using Cocoa, converted to a preference pane, and has a revised user interface.

EarthDesk replaces the Mac OS X desktop with a dynamic, photo-realisitc image of the current Earth and is updated as a background process. Features include the depiction of the day/night regions, city illumination, and world-wide weather.

Xeric Design stated that "EarthDesk is the only application of its kind to support accurate moonlight, multiple monitors, eleven different map projections, as well as political and satellite views."

EarthDesk requires Mac OS X Tiger and is priced at US$19.95. The upgrade to version 4 ranges from US$9.95 to $12.95 depending on the previous verson owned.