Xlife Updates Acquisition With Improved Filtering

Xlife has released an update for Acquisition, bringing it to version 0.72. Acquisition is a gnutella client designed for peer-to-peer file sharing. The update ships with support for pervasive contextual menus and improved filtering. According to Xlife:

Acquisition 0.72 has just been released.

Acquisition is a gnutella client supporting modern gnutella features such as Ultrapeers, swarm (multi-source) downloads, download resumption, and distributed network discovery. Acquisition is built using code from the LimeWire gnutella client, and consequently supports the same rich set of protocol features.

Acquisition features an elegant single-window user interface with a convenient drawer summarizing current searches, network activity, and active transfers. Unlike other P2P clients, Acquisition is designed with usability and simplicity as the primary goals.

The new version features, among other things, pervasive contextual menu support, improved filtering, and a powerful new ability to tag search keywords (by prefixing) as necessary (i+i) or unwanted (i-i).

You can find more information about the Acquisition update at the Xlife Web site. Acquisition is available for US$15.00.