XtremeMac Sells Server Group to Gizmac

XtremeMac has sold its line of Mac server products to Gizmac LLC in an effort to focus all of its efforts on developing accessories for Appleis iPod, the company announced Monday.

Both the XrackPRO noise reduction enclosure for Appleis Xserve RAID and XtroVERT vertical enclosure will continue to be marketed, manufactured, sold and supported by Gizmac, whic his an independently owned and operated business led by Tim Cave, one of XtremeMacis original founders and the co-creator of the server products."Now that Gizmac has acquired our pro solutions business unit, XtremeMac can focus solely on the iPod market and fulfill our commitment to bringing the best iPod accessories to the industry," said Gary Bart, president and CEO of XtremeMac. "Gizmac is a good fit for our pro line as Tim has personal knowledge of the product as one of its original creators."